DoneOct 05, 2022 8:12 PM EDT
New York, NY, United States
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Exclusive Private Collectors Antiquarian Maps


The sale of a map dealer’s personal collection continues with scarce and rare maps never offered in any venue, including rarely available U. S. state maps. All maps are authentic and original specimens of antiquarian cartography. This offering includes maps from the extremely scarce 1816 Carey General Atlas, including the much sought-after first state of “Missouri Territory formerly Louisiana,” the first map of the American West to appear in a commercial atlas. Maps from this atlas are the same as those found in the 1814 Carey General Atlas, itself a rare atlas seldom available anywhere. Another group of U. S. state maps appearing here are lovely examples from the very scarce Anthony Finley 1833 New General Atlas. Early Carey and Finley state maps are difficult to find; they would be the high point of many map collections. Several maps from Colton’s first edition of his Atlas of the World are present, as well as several scarce and large folding maps from a quite scarce 1881 edition of Rand, McNally’s Indexed Atlas of the World. (McNally atlases prior to this date are considered rare). Four lovely hand-colored maps are offered from Allain Mallet’s 1685 edition of his Description de L’Univers. Maps from Gray’s National Atlas of 1875 and 1884 are in this auction, both atlases being quite elusive these days. This auction contains excellent maps from several Mitchell atlases, including the 1848, 1864, 1865 and 1874 editions. Rounding out the atlas map selection are several huge maps from the McNally 1897 Indexed Atlas of the World, considered by many to contain the finest American maps produced in the 19 th century. Specialty maps in this auction include 1850s wall maps of Boston and North America in extremely collectible condition, Civil War-era and other pocket maps and a very scarce 1837 map of St. Louis Harbor by then Lieut. Robert E. Lee.
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