Japanese Woodblock Prints 2022-09-28 Auction - 90 Price Results - Jasper52 in NY
Katsuyuki: Bunnosuke Tea ShopMasao Ido: Dogo OnsenToyonobu: Huge Battle at Yamazaki
DoneSep 28, 2022 8:39 PM EDT
New York, NY, United States
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Japanese Woodblock Prints


With this array of Japanese woodblock prints, discover why Japanese printmakers impacted the development of modern art. Featuring names such as Tokuriki, Masao Ebina, Utagawa School, and more, this sale reveals nuanced techniques and traditional Japanese values. Whether capturing the serenity of a temple or a moonlit ocean, these images exemplify both fine art and elegant decoration.
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Triptych Japanese Woodblock: Single page 9 5/8 wide 14 1/4 long. All 3 together together 29 wide 14 1/4 long Reserve: $200.00 Shipping:Domestic: Shipping rates are determined by destinationInternational: Foreign shipping rates
0002: Triptych Japanese WoodblockEst. $250-$300Lot Passed
Junichiro Sekino: Bunraku Puppet: Artist: Junichiro SEKINOSubject: Bunraku PuppetPublisher: Self, limited edition 15/150Signature: Jun. Sekino in pencilDate: UndatedFormat: dai-ôban, 35.5 x 43 cmCondition: Fine impression, color
0003: Junichiro Sekino: Bunraku PuppetEst. $300-$350
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Koson: Fishing Boats: Artist: Ohara KOSON (1877-1945)Subject: Fishing BoatsSignature: Koson with sealDate: c. 1930Format: ôban, 37.6 x 25.5 cmCondition: Fine impression, color and condition, small dent upper center
0005: Koson: Fishing BoatsEst. $500-$600
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Tanaka Ryohei: Thatched House: Artist: Tanaka RYOHEI (1933-2019)Subject: Thatched HousePublisher: Self, limited edition 30/100Signature: T. Ryohei in pencilDate: 1990sFormat: 26.5 x 20.5 cmimage 13 x 10 cmCondition: Fine
0009: Tanaka Ryohei: Thatched HouseEst. $450-$550
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Kinoshita: Takanohana: Artist: Daimon KINOSHITA (b. 1946)Subject: TakanohanaPublisher: Kyoto Hanga-in, carver Kuga Shuji, printer Tochigi Yoshiro. Commissioned by the Japan Sumo AssociationSignature: DaimonDate:
0011: Kinoshita: TakanohanaEst. $250-$300
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Kogyo: Yorimasa: Artist: Tsukioka KOGYO (1869-1927)Subject: Yorimasa (Minamoto no Yorimasa's Defeat and Death at the Battle of Uji River)Series: Nôgaku Zue (Pictures of Noh Plays)Publisher: Matsuki
0012: Kogyo: YorimasaEst. $120-$150Lot Passed
Saito: Temple of Moss, Kyoto: Artist: Kiyoshi SAITO (1907-1997)Subject: Temple of Moss, KyotoSignature: K SaitoDate: 1960sFormat: 11.9 x 8.8 cmCondition: Fine impression, color and conditionnot a woodblock Reserve: $80.00
0015: Saito: Temple of Moss, KyotoEst. $100-$120Lot Passed
Tokuriki: Maiko: Artist: Tomikichirô TOKURIKI (1902-1999)Subject: MaikoSeries: Miyako meisho (Famous Places in Kyoto)Publisher: SelfSignature: T. Tokuriki in pencil, Tomi with seal 'Tomi'Date: 1970sFormat:
0018: Tokuriki: MaikoEst. $150-$200
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Kogyo: Snow and Pine: Artist: Tsukioka KOGYO (1869-1927)Subject: Snow and PineSeries: Nôgaku hyakuban (One Hundred Prints of the Noh)Publisher: DaikikuyaSignature: Kogyo with sealDate: 1923-26Format: ôban, 25.5
0019: Kogyo: Snow and PineEst. $150-$200Lot Passed
Kawarazaki: Crape Myrtle: Artist: Shodo KAWARAZAKI (1889-1973)Subject: Sarusuberi (Crape Myrtle)Series: Nihon no Hanagoyomi (Floral Calendar of Japan)Publisher: UnsodoSeal: ShodoDate: c. 1951Format: ôban, 27.7 x 40.3
0020: Kawarazaki: Crape MyrtleEst. $150-$200Lot Passed
Masao Ido: Dogo Onsen: Artist: Masao IDO (1945-2016)Subject: Dogo OnsenPublisher: Self, limited edition A.P.Signature: Masao Ido in pencilDate: 1980Format: 48 x 36.6 cmCondition: Fine impression, color and condition
0021: Masao Ido: Dogo OnsenEst. $300-$350Lot Passed
Tokuriki: Sanjô Bridge: Artist: Tomikichirô TOKURIKI (1902-1999)Subject: Sanjô BridgeSeries: Kyoto Hakkei (Eight Scenic Views of Kyoto)Publisher: UchidaSignature: TomikichiroDate: 1942Format: chûban, 28.5 x
0022: Tokuriki: Sanjô BridgeEst. $150-$200Lot Passed
Tokuriki: Woman of Ohara: Artist: Tomikichirô TOKURIKI (1902-1999)Subject: Woman of OharaSeries: Miyako meisho (Famous Places in Kyoto)Publisher: SelfSignature: T. Tokuriki in pencil, Tomi with seal 'Tomi'Date:
0023: Tokuriki: Woman of OharaEst. $150-$200Lot Passed
Tokuriki: Three Postcards: Artist: Tomikichirô TOKURIKI (1902-1999)Subject: Three postcards of KyotoPublisher: SelfSignature: TomiDate: 1950sFormat: 15 x 10.5 cmCondition: Fine impressions, color and conditionin their
0024: Tokuriki: Three PostcardsEst. $70-$80Lot Passed

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