September 8th- Gemstone Emporium Auction 2022-09-08 Auction - 642 Price Results - Weatherham Estate Treasures in ON
Octagon Scissor Cut Pink Tanzanian TourmalineCarved Square Blue Lapis LazuliOctagon / Emerald Cut Bi-color Brazilian Ametrine
DoneSep 09, 2022 2:29 AM EDT
Cobourg, ON, Canada
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September 8th- Gemstone Emporium Auction

Our September 8th "Gemstone Emporium Auction" Features A Wide Range of Sought After Collectibles. This Auction Showcases 250+ Lots Of Gorgeous Rare Gems. These Diverse Loose Gemstones Offer A Variety Of Cuts, Colours & Stones. From Glowing Sapphires, To Glamorous Tourmalines, To Awesome Opals & Much More! Followed By Dazzling Jewelry, Historical Bronze Sculptures, One Of A Kind Nautical Decor, Beautifully Detailed Faberge Inspired Eggs, Damascus Forged Weapons, Gorgeous Artwork, And Much Much More! We Have Something For Everyone!! Come Bid With Us! Your Next Greatest Treasure Awaits You! Auction Ends September 8th At 10PM EST.
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Coral Flower Gems: Coral Flower Gems These pocket sized gems stimulates sensitivity, with respect to ones emotions and physical condition. It activates the heart chakra, enhancing the intuitive aspects of love.
4011: Coral Flower GemsEst. $300-$500Lot Passed
Pear Cabochon Multicolor Coral: Pear Cabochon Multicolor Coral This unique pear shaped gem is ​​a symbol of modesty, wisdom, happiness and immortality. It is commonly known to remedy the body and help with
4012: Pear Cabochon Multicolor CoralEst. $280-$480Lot Passed
Oval Strawberry Quartz: Oval Strawberry Quartz This beautiful gem helps purify one's aura, its energy is strong to keep positive. Helps attract true love or soul mate. It has the ability's to amplifies one's
4013: Oval Strawberry QuartzEst. $260-$460Lot Passed
Oval Facet Opal Multicolour: Oval Facet Opal - Multicolor 1pc Oval Opal, Fire energy stones of ancient wisdom that burn off karma from the past and open the way to rebirth. These stones carry a soul holograph and lend access to
4014: Oval Facet Opal MulticolourEst. $270-$470Lot Passed
Cabochon Multicolor Ammolite: Cabochon Multicolor Ammolite - Canada's Opal Ammolite is a symbols of change and positive motion. The unique spiral draws in negative energy, filtering it and releasing fresh, positive
4015: Cabochon Multicolor AmmoliteEst. $400-$600Lot Passed
Oval Green Malachite: Oval Green Malachite Malachite helps to clear away negative energies. This beautiful gemstone can grant you courage and help you to step out of your comfort zone. It's builds inner strength
4017: Oval Green MalachiteEst. $300-$500Lot Passed
2pc Matching Oval Amethysts: 2pc Matching Oval Amethysts These matching oval amethysts are suitable for daily wear jewelry, and the year of the Dragon Gemstone/ February birthstone. Known as "the all purpose stone",
4018: 2pc Matching Oval AmethystsEst. $300-$500Lot Passed
Carved Flower Blue Topaz: Carved Flower Blue Topaz This unique gemstone is the Sagittarius Zodiac Stone. Topaz is a symbol of honor and strength, topaz was believed to bring longevity and wisdom. Size 16.6mm Weight of
4019: Carved Flower Blue TopazEst. $350-$550Lot Passed
Violet Charoite: Violet Charoite This beautiful violet gemstone is an overall stress buster, giving off serene energy this Charoite is overall great for the mind and body health. Dimension 35.2 x 23.9mm
4023: Violet CharoiteEst. $300-$500Lot Passed

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