Antique Chinese Arts Auction 2022-08-15 Auction - 327 Price Results - Oriental Misteries Co. Limited in LONDON
Qing Dynasty, Hotan jade had a Buddha in his heartLongquan melon bowl18 seeds of Hetian jade in the Qing Dynasty
DoneAug 15, 2022 2:02 PM EDT
LONDON, London, United Kingdom
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Antique Chinese Arts Auction

This auction is a long prepared auction of Chinese antiques. We have collected many large-scale auction items from different countries and regions such as the United States, France, Britain, Germany and China, including many Chinese porcelain, bronze, Eagle Claw gold and silver, wood carvings and jade. The exhibition of this auction will make your collection more wonderful. I believe this auction will let you meet your favorite auction. Welcome to bid!
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Longquan melon bowl: H:4CM D:13.5CM
0002: Longquan melon bowlEst. £400-£600Lot Passed
Pure gold supply tank: H:2 1/4in ( 5.7cm ) D:2 7/8in(7.3cm) Wt:0.382lb(173.4g)
0006: Pure gold supply tankEst. £10,000-£15,000Lot Passed
Tri colored plate of Tang Dynasty: H:1in ( 2.5cm ) D:4 7/8in ( 21.5cm )
0007: Tri colored plate of Tang DynastyEst. £300-£500
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Hongshan Yulong: H:4in ( 10.3cm ) W:4in(10.2cm) Wt:0.107lb(48.7g)
0008: Hongshan YulongEst. £700-£1,200
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Hotan jade comb: H:2 7/8in ( 7.2cm ) W:4 5/8in(11.6cm) Wt:0.182lb(82.4g)
0009: Hotan jade combEst. £2,000-£3,000Lot Passed
Jade card insertion in the Qing Dynasty: Inner D:5 1/8in ( 13cm ) H:11in ( 27.8cm )
0010: Jade card insertion in the Qing DynastyEst. £15,000-£20,000Lot Passed
Longquan dish: H:1 1/2in ( 3.7cm ) D:7 1/8in ( 18cm)
0011: Longquan dishEst. £800-£1,200
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Tourmaline Pendant of Qing Dynasty: H:1in ( 2.1cm ) L:1 3/4in ( 4.6cm ) Wt:0.046lb(21g)
0012: Tourmaline Pendant of Qing DynastyEst. £600-£1,000Lot Passed
Brick carving: H:15 5/8in ( 39.7cm ) L:7 5/8in ( 19.5cm ) W:2 1/8in(5.5cm)
0013: Brick carvingEst. £1,000-£1,500Lot Passed
Pure gold jewelry: H:3 3/8in ( 8.5cm ) W:6 3/8in(16.2cm) Wt:0.254lb(115g)
0015: Pure gold jewelryEst. £8,000-£15,000Lot Passed
A pair of jade people: H:1in ( 2.7cm ) H:1in ( 2.4cm ) W:5/8in(1.6cm) Wt:0.044lb(20g)
0016: A pair of jade peopleEst. £300-£500Lot Passed
Hotan Yurui beast: H:2.5CM
0017: Hotan Yurui beastEst. £500-£800Lot Passed
Yingqing porcelain bowl: H:3in ( 7.7cm ) D:4 3/8in ( 11cm )
0018: Yingqing porcelain bowlEst. £300-£500
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Longquan bowl: H:2 1/8in ( 5.3cm ) D:5 1/4in ( 13.5cm )
0019: Longquan bowlEst. £300-£500Lot Passed
Bronze gilded Medusa statue: H:8.5CM L:5.3CM
0020: Bronze gilded Medusa statueEst. £5,000-£8,000Lot Passed
Bronze gilded lion in Qing Dynasty: H:14CM L:22CM
0021: Bronze gilded lion in Qing DynastyEst. £5,000-£8,000Lot Passed
Tianhuang dragon button seal: H:3in ( 7.5cm ) L:2 7/8in ( 7.2cm ) W:2 7/8in(7.2cm) Wt:1.86lb(842g)
0023: Tianhuang dragon button sealEst. £5,000-£10,000Lot Passed

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