1853 Colton Map of the US Midwest -- Guide through Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri,1865 Colton's Map of Oil Regions of West Virginia -- J.H. Colton's Map Showing the Oil Region of1750 Bowen Map of Bermuda and St. Kitts -- A New & Accurate Map of Bermudas or Sommer's Islands...
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Explore this auction celebrating North America from a private collection. Many of the maps offer snapshots into the ever-changing landscape of the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean in the past three centuries. Enjoy spectacular views and whimsical pictorial maps. In this collection you will find the seminal map of the West by Whipple and works by Bachelder, Gray, Rapkin, Levasseur, Bellin, and Woodbridge, among others. Also, maps by the prolific American cartographers Colton, Johnson and Mitchell can be found. Several items explore the Civil War, including a magnificent view of the Gettysburg battle. These maps and views can serve as decorative pieces, historical lessons or as reminders of cherished places.
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1855 Colton Map of Iowa -- Iowa: Title: 1855 Colton Map of Iowa -- IowaCartographer: J ColtonYear/Place: 1855, New YorkDimensions: 11.8 X 15.1 in.Description: This is a very nice map of Iowa. Much of the western portion is very
0009: 1855 Colton Map of Iowa -- IowaEst. $80-$100See Sold Price

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