Leroy Neiman "Cafe de la Paix," Paris (Large; Signed Artist's Proof) 1980Le Dompteur de Pigeons (ex. Christie's) c. 1870Aggregate #20 (very large) 2022
DoneJul 06, 2022 2:10 PM EDT
New York, NY, United States
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Explore this exquisite collection of Fine Art Prints, Paintings, Sculpture and Decorative Arts. Artists include Georges Clairin, Louis Reynaud, Henry Malfroy, Larry Rivers and many more. With a wide range of subject matter you are bound to find the right piece for your collection.
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Portrait of a Lady (French, 19th c.): A lovely portrait of a 19th-century French woman, perhaps commissioned by a devoted husband (she has a ring on her right hand, which is more common as a wedding ring in northern and eastern European
0001: Portrait of a Lady (French, 19th c.)Est. $2,500-$3,000See Sold Price
Village Road (French Impressionist, 1898): A superb French Impressionist painting by an artist whose signature I just can't quite make out in order to identify him, though it is dated 1898. By that time Impressionism would have been in full
0002: Village Road (French Impressionist, 1898)Est. $3,500-$4,000See Sold Price
Poem for Wallace Stevens 2022: I have been painting seriously for somewhere around 35 years, but have only ever sold regionally - most recently, through my gallery on Magazine Street in New Orleans. I have begun to reserve some of
0003: Poem for Wallace Stevens 2022Est. $1,000-$1,200See Sold Price
The Little Wanderer (1866) 1866: (Sorry for the reflections on the glass in the photos.) A little boy runaway has returned home, hat in hand, to the relief of his poor beleaguered mother (burdened with four other children,
0004: The Little Wanderer (1866) 1866Est. $500-$600See Sold Price
Le Dompteur de Pigeons (ex. Christie's) c. 1870: A large, spectacular, absolutely splendid painting by noted French painter Georges Clairin, which appeared for auction at Christie's in 2004 (see photos of auction catalogue, supplied to us by
0005: Le Dompteur de Pigeons (ex. Christie's) c. 1870Est. $128,000-$154,000See Sold Price
Multiverse #13 2022: Artist’s Statement: “These paintings are technically challenging, as they combine wax (encaustic), tar, oil, acrylic, powdered graphite and other media. They are painted on fiber panels
0006: Multiverse #13 2022Est. $2,000-$2,500See Sold Price
Aggregate #8 2020: This is one of a series. The first got more clicks and saves on its first day than any of the many hundreds of artworks we have ever posted. Here's a recent message from a buyer of a painting in this
0007: Aggregate #8 2020Est. $3,000-$3,500See Sold Price
The Banquet: This painting by French artist George Vuillard has such a perfect Impressionist feeling about it to me, and reminds me of Manet in particular. Vuillard is a modern painter trained in old-school
0008: The BanquetEst. $4,000-$5,000See Sold Price
Manna #3 2021: Artist's statement: "This is a series of paintings I have been working on whose subject is the materials of making art themselves. The title refers to the gifts of color, luster, materiality that
0009: Manna #3 2021Est. $900-$1,100See Sold Price
Gridish #15 2021: Artist’s Statement: “As I often do, I chose a very simple form to work with in this series of paintings – a grid of rectangles. It was some Sean Scully forms I was thinking of
0010: Gridish #15 2021Est. $1,500-$2,000See Sold Price
Still Life with Calla Lily 1959: A charming and accomplished still life by an artist I have been unable to identify (signed "Walli", 1959). Wonderful color sense, with golds and greens and rusts as a setting for the bright "star" of
0011: Still Life with Calla Lily 1959Est. $1,000-$1,200See Sold Price
Summer Cottage 1917: Doesn't this scene just make you want to be there, in this cottage in the country? I liked this painting enough that I actually put some money into it with a restorer to get it into great shape. It
0012: Summer Cottage 1917Est. $800-$1,000See Sold Price
Paladin #2 2021: (Comes float-framed behind glass.) Artist's Statement: "I was working on my "Gridish" paintings (you can find them in a search on the term "Gridish" on this site) when I became fascinated with
0013: Paladin #2 2021Est. $700-$800See Sold Price
Untitled (Portrait of a Woman) 1989: A figure painting of a woman that falls in that magical zone between representation and abstraction. Wonderful coloration and treatment of light, along with quality of line. Gouache or oil wash on
0014: Untitled (Portrait of a Woman) 1989Est. $700-$800See Sold Price
Gridish #21 2021: Artist’s Statement: “As I often do, I chose a very simple form to work with in this series of paintings – a grid of rectangles. It was some Sean Scully forms I was thinking of
0015: Gridish #21 2021Est. $1,500-$2,000See Sold Price
Pilgrimage (Large) 2020: A large and imposing painting from the recent series combining tar with oil and acrylic, a painting using a limited palette to powerful effect. There are echoes of Robert Motherwell here, but with a
0017: Pilgrimage (Large) 2020Est. $2,000-$2,500See Sold Price
Dawn in the Countryside (late 1800's): I have photographed this stunning antique painting in both bright outdoor light (second photo) and indoor light (the main photo) to give sense of its subtle color in various lighting. Either way, it
0021: Dawn in the Countryside (late 1800's)Est. $1,500-$2,000See Sold Price
Ur 2020: Artist's Statement: "This is part of a series of work I created using a complex mix of media to evoke age and tropes and paradigms of human culture. Our obsession with the new sometimes disturbs me,
0022: Ur 2020Est. $700-$800See Sold Price
Still, Waiting 2021: Artist's statement: "Though I am an abstract painter by tradition, I painted this somewhat figurative painting to express the feeling I have developed over the past couple of years (related to Covid
0023: Still, Waiting 2021Est. $4,000-$5,000See Sold Price
Awakening 2019: Emerging artist Leroy Miranda took off like a rocket a few years back in 2015 when he was discovered in New Orleans. A painting of this self-taught artist with what he describes as "a very rough
0024: Awakening 2019Est. $2,000-$2,500See Sold Price

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