Zhangton Konchok Pel (1250–1317) Kagyu School Master
Fujiwara No Kami Kunimasa Japanese Nihonto SwordA Chinese Scroll Painting on paper TIAN SHIGUANG
New York, NY, United States
DoneWed, Apr 18, 2018 12:00 AM UTC

Asian Art & Antiques

With its tradition of elegant simplicity, Asian decorative art draws an international audience of collectors, and this Art & Antiques auction is no exception. Among this focused yet diverse sale are Chinese paintings, fine Japanese weaponry and more, creating a comprehensive representation of the Asian traditions. Whether you prefer ornate designs or simple silhouettes, this auction will unveil a unique piece to enrich your collection.
A Superb Japanese Musha Ningyo warrior doll, 1890
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A Chinese Painting on paper XU BEIHONG
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Antique Japanese Nihonto Katana Sword in Shirasya
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Japanese Early Showa Samurai Armor Yoroi
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Early Showa Japanese Yoroi Armor
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Original Japanese Edo Period Samurai Armor
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Japanese Naginata Sword Signed with a signature
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Sword Fukuda Sukemitsu Mighty Nihonto Katana sword
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Fujiwara No Kami Kunimasa Japanese Nihonto Sword
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Japanese Nihonto Katana Sword, Magoroku Kanemoto
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Antique Japanese Iron Temple Dragon Bell
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