Ancient Roman Legionary Silvered Bronze Eagle Pendant
Late Medieval Tudor Bronze Ring with Crown BezelAncient Indus Valley Terracotta Bull Idol
New York, NY, United States
DoneFeb 14, 2018 1:00 AM UTC

No Reserve Ancient Jewellery and Antiquities

This auction presents a huge variety of fine Ancient jewellery from almost all periods of human history. The auction offers a wide range of artifacts - from Bronze age to Post-Medieval. The auction also includes a massive collection of Viking-era jewellery such as rings, mythological pendants, and warrior's amulets. You can also find rare Roman soldier's pendants and Crusader's crosses. All objects are expertly cleaned, polished and conserved - suitable for modern wear. All items start from $1. All items will come with a free necklace cords and/or gift bags as well a Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity. Whether you are a collector or a history lover this auction presents you with the opportunity to acquire a unique treasure.